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Thread: First Time Owner Concerned

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2BullyMama View Post
    to EBN!

    I agree with the gang --- she needs a better food and add a dollop of plain greek yogurt to her breakfast each day, high quality grain and chicken free food will help with lessening the shedding.

    I think a skin scrape may be a good idea as to rule out mange.... all dogs have mites just some immune systems are not strong enough to fight them off resulting in mange.
    I agree… you should get your vet to do a skin scrape to rule out mange. I dealt w/this on Wally and it can get out of control quickly, better safe than sorry… keep us posted!!!

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    Thank you guys and gals SOOOOO much! I appreciate the feed back. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I am just crazy busy. Following your advice I started transitioning her to Blue Freedom Grain Free on Saturday. I plan to follow up with Vet next. Thank you again...more updates coming soon

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