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    Buster had a little infection on his neck area, like where his folds are under his collar. The vet told us to use these wipes and the shampoo. He's pretty much knocked it out so it worked well for us.

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    Yes, I have actually used the Duoxo pads. I got them from the vet and they work VERY good. I used them for a specific problem on the face, but I certainly see that they could also be used for tear stains and other problems as well. I see that someone was able to buy on-line which would be cheaper than from the vet.

    They are very good to have and keep on hand.

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    I wish I could say that using plain Baby wipes did the trick for Maximus, but they don't ...... He has alot of Face wrinkles, and they are always red and irritated. I've tried everything from baby wipies, powder, Desitin cream, Mal-a-Ket wipes, and the Douxo Pads ..... which are nothing more than pads soaked in Chlorhexidine. When I showed the red irritated wrinkles to my Vet, he
    gave me a large Jug of Chlorhexidine solution which I use with a cotton ball to cleanse the wrinkles on a daily basis, and this is the only thing that works for Maximus' red, irritated face wrinkles. The 'pads' just don't have the same concentration of chlorhexidine in them, and they are expensive to keep using .......

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