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Yea he does that all the time too where he will sniff or lick where he was just sitting. The vet doesn't think it is seizure activity because he is alert and responds if I call his name or make a noise. They think it is just his tail pocket still bothering him.
I've noticed that Buttercup tends to lick the air when I clean her tail pocket. I used to think it meant she liked it (as she smacks her lips and gets a blissed out look in her eyes when we massage around her ears) but now I realize it seems involuntary and closely resembles reflex movements.

We've also noticed she does it sometimes after she licks her vulva -- the tongue movements just seem to continue on their own. She snaps out of it easily but I now wonder if it's some kind of abnormal(?) reflex akin to the frontal release signs seen in humans with injuries to the nerves from the brain or spinal cord. Interesting to consider, but I guess we can probably add it to the pile of things I may never understand about our dear girl!