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Thread: Air licking/snapping?

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    Lola did this as well. I took her to the emergency vet who told me to follow up with a neurologist. I took her to Davis University veterinary center, which is the top vet medical school in the country, to see a neurologist. They did blood work and a liver shunt test. When all of that came back normal they did a 3 hour long EEG on her. She was diagnosed with fly snapping syndrome. It is a petit seizure. In her case it was idiopathic (hereditary). I was told by the neurologist that as long as it is not happening more that once every few months, she would not need meds.

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    Wow moose has always done this and I just thought he was being moose. Never knew of fly biting. At 6 His eyes have been getting pretty bad lately so it might be a vitreous floater.

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