I looked at the website and you can register any brand of chip for $19.99 lifetime. A bargain. We brought Chumly back from the UK with us where he was microchipped and it would not show where he was registered on any scanner here. I did register him with the AKC registry but it would have been a crap shoot at best if he had ever got lost and lost his tag. How would the vet know to check that registry? I think a central registry for all microchips for vets, shelters etc. would be a great idea.

I have seen on the news never to leave a purebred in a yard alone, no matter where you live. Too easy to steal. Having said that, I see lots of reports of all types of dog being stolen from yards, purebred or not, they use them as bait dogs. There is a very special place in hell reserved for dog fighters and the sooner they get there, the better IMO.