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Thread: Blood Dripping from Penis?

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    Default Re: Blood Dripping from Penis?

    This happened to Barkley right before we found out he had bladder stones. I kept seeing blood spots around the house and examined him all over but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then one day a ton came out when he got "excited" so we took him to the vet the next day. They did an x-Ray and saw he had bladder stones. They said the bleeding was probably from the stones rolling around in the bladder and irritating the lining. They gave him an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory and the bleeding stopped right away and the next week we had the stones removed.

    I hope the vets get it figured out soon and that Baxter gets all better, poor guy!!

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    The description of an eraserhead off the tip is exactly what I have seen from Bax. For several months. I didn't realize it was a "thing". I'll keep an eye out for it. That picture I posted doesn't really show it, and he's not excited there so its tiny.

    Thanks all.

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