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Thread: Seizure I think!

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    Most seizures I have seen-both petit and grand-the eyes are staring, as if sightless, or jerking. There is also a condition which is not common called myotonia, where if over stimulated, or startled, they will collapse. It is a sort of "misfire of the muscles". Also possible drop in blood sugar-but usually need something sweet to conteract that.
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    Look this up on Google. Bulldogs are known to have some strange head and facial movements that are related to myotonia. No one knows exactly why. Jammy had her first episode a few months ago. It does happen when they are active/playing. Sometimes just putting a hand on her or petting her makes it stop. I'm a dr and it really freaked me out the first time. I can only imagine how worried you've been. It doesn't affect their quality of life or life span. There are some people who believe it has something to do with allergies, but there is no medical research that supports this. I hope this helps.

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    Hi everyone. Thank You all so much again! We went to the vet yesterday and He did some blood work. We are waiting for results. Vet advise to video next episode if possible. I mentioned myotonia and Dr Seth is going to look into it further.
    I will keep you posted on our results.

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