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Thread: what should I expect with my bullies first heat.

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    Default what should I expect with my bullies first heat.

    I know EB usually go into heat pretty early. My dog is 11 months old. And whole bathing her i noticed she is very swollen. So I know what's coming. What I don't know is what to expect as far as her attitude changes and health changes. My dog has never been one to mess in her kennel and she has gone more one and two twice since I have noticed her being swollen. Is this normal or even common with going into her first heat? Please help!

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    Default Re: what should I expect with my bullies first heat.

    Itzy had her first heat three months ago when she was 8 mo. Her behavior was very sweet, she had cramps like two times, she wanted me to rubber her belly. And she did not make any mess just a few drops of blood here and there specially after waking up ( she was ashamed when that happened awww) lasting around two weeks.

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