All great info...Bonnie does leak during the day, we do make sure she is changed and agree she shouldn't be sitting in it, always cleaning her, up every 2-3 hrs at night taking her out (and Clyde ) and fresh diaper...I agree on the container issue, I will pick up something to make sure it is sterile and get her tested again. I too am thinking something spinal and nerve, but can it be so mild to only affect the passing of urine, no bowel weakness, no other signs ...just peeing little bits and dribbling. Thank you all again the info and feedback is great. I planned on our bullies for two yrs learning as much as I could and preparing for the day we had our pups, I was prepared for the health issues , just wasn't aware of incontinence . Just want her to be ok. Oh we do have a contract with the breeder, but they said if there was any risk to her they wouldn't breed her...the reason they foster is certain townships have by laws on how many dogs you can have so they foster along with the ones they raise and work closely with other breeders in the area and are in good standing with the CKC.