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    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone had used NuVet Plus on their bulldog and what the results were. We have tried alot of different foods and drugs and nothing seems to be helping and we are starting to get frustrated. We might try a different vet aswell just to get a second opinion, but i seen the add for NuVet on this site and thought it might be worth giving it a try.
    Buffs bigger problems are:
    1) a bald spot on her one side with very dark skin where the hair is missing
    2) constantly scratching her face
    3) licking her paws (not overly excessively but more than usually)
    4) phlegmy sounding throat (just started recently thought it might have to do with the latest food we were given to try)

    if anyone has any advice or knowledge on this product or if it worked for them for any of these symptoms it would be a great help.


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    I wont be much help here but Dooley has been on Nuvet since in the womb. He will be a year in April. His coat is beautiful, dosent shed to bad from what I read on here. No allergies or tear stains. His leg joints are tight and firm according to the vet. Vet says he is the most beautiful EBD she has seen. Not tooting my horn here just saying Ive been very fortunate not to have any of the issues some seem to have with this breed and the Nuvet may have something to do with it.

    I think it's a small price to pay for a healthy Bully. I do know it cant hurt to try them at this point. Good Luck

    now i need some wood to knock on......

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