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Thread: Flea preventative?

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    Default Flea preventative?

    I was curious what everyone uses as a flea/tick preventative for their bullies. Ours is currently only on Heartgaurd. We recently visited family who both live in very heavily wooded areas in Texas. Upon returning home I noticed a small tick which I promptly removed, cleaned the area, bathed him and checked him for any other parasites which I didn't find. We've never ever had issues with fleas or ticks but because we do live in Texas and will be returning to the area again I'm really wanting to put him on something. But with his sensitive skin something topical concerns me. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Flea preventative?

    I use frontline plus on my dogs and it works great on both fleas and ticks. One of my dogs has very sensitive skin and it is no problem. Though your vet will not tell you this here in the states, ivermectin, the same drug that is in the heart guard but in a larger dose given orally works for ticks.
    Don't take it from me, just google the words ivermectin and ticks. Do some internet research on it so you can decide for yourself. The only thing is that with ivermectin, you cannot use comforts or any other oral flea meds that contain spinosad. Ivermectin (Ivermec) liquid is available at any feed store or online. A 50 ml bottle costs about $40 and lasts for a couple of years.

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    Default Re: Flea preventative?

    dosage is: Ivomec 1% solution - 1/10 cc per 10 lbs. of dog weight for heartworm prevention, once a month. About $32.00 for 50 ml bottle. I use Diatomeceous Earth for flea/tick . They may get on the dog, but the DE kills their protective shell "oils" and they die.
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