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Thread: Vets who "Specialize" in English Bulldogs

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    Default Vets who "Specialize" in English Bulldogs

    I hear this recommended a lot. I found the lists online. However, having visited 3 of the top names on the list for my city (Miami), I found no actual benefit from them. There was no unique, special knowledge they brought to the table. In fact, quite the contrary.

    The # 1 recommended English Bulldog vet in Miami didn't even know that Baxter had pyoderma skin condition that required a topical antibiotic. He told me to put baby powder on it. Because of this it got a lot worse. The # 2 recommended E.B. vet prescribed him the wrong antibiotics. It was finally a non-English Bulldog vet that properly diagnosed and treated it.

    I have found that the only truly knowledgeable Vet has not been anyone on the recommended list. But in fact (and this holds true for human medicine as well), it was the emergency hospital doctors that truly impressed me with their knowledge. As it turns out, I am not so sure this is about "knowing english bulldogs" as much as its about being "truly educated" in your field.

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    Default Re: Vets who "Specialize" in English Bulldogs

    I totally agree with you. I think experienced owners bring a lot more to the table than most vets do on this particular breed. My vet told me nothing about proper hygiene of nose rope, pocket tail, etc. He even told me: "some have pocket tails that can develop infection", and did not go on to tell me how to prevent it. Seriously? Lol, oh well. I myself like to read up as much as possible to ask questions when I do visit the vet. Just like my children's pediatrician and my own doctor, I bombard them with questions after consulting with Dr Google

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