In another post I was advised to give coated aspirin....hmmmm....did your vet tell you non coated? I agree Doc's don't know everything CLEARLY!!! I've spent so much money on rx's for Jelly in the past year and nothing really helped...out of desperation I tried OTC and she's doing SO WELL!!!![/QUOTE]
My vet told me (with Cami & suspected torn ACL) that aspirin & other NSAID's were not enough
and he put her on a 10 day of newer anti-inflammatory & pain reliever, Previcox. In my research,
several trusted sources advised non coated aspirin as dogs (supposedly) DO NOT break the coating
down and therefore, do not absorb the med. I already knew that in cases of suspected human stroke
or heart attack, they advise giving immediate dose of NONcoated aspirin because it takes time for it
to break down in our stomachs & must needs to be absorbed immediately to be of help. Dogs lack
(whatever the process or acids are) and can't at all. However~to be certain~I will do further research
on this and get back with you on results. Thank you for bringing this up~GOD bless!