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Thread: Bland diet or back to the vet?

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    Well, he has had 3 doses of his medicine and while the color of his poop looks much better, it is still pretty soft. The vet said I should see a noticeable difference right away, but I don't think there is enough change. Luckily he is drinking more now...I tried canned pumpkin before putting him on the bland diet, but it didn't help either

    Would you all recommend a new brand of dog food to start him with until this clears up? My vet recommended Royal Canine when I went for his you think Fromm would be a bit too much for him to try at this time? And with the issues he is having, do I continue to move him off Orijen very slowly or should this be a quicker switch?

    The good thing is he still loves to bite my feet and hands, so I know he is feeling ok

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    My kids are all currently on Fromm and they have tootsie rolls, nice little hard compact poopies. If you want to switch faster, thinking maybe the Orijen is not working, do 2-3 days of bland diet and slowly add in the kibble over the course of a week. All of my 5 are on the Grain Free Beef Fritatta, but they also did great on the grain free surf and turf.

    If he is having trouble adjusting to food switches, (going from Science diet to Oriejen is a HUGE difference, where as Orijen to Fromm will not be that drastic) the slower you go the better. If you want to give the Orijen a few more days to see if anything changes.... ALSO NO TREATS until you got his bathroom working properly! If you must give treats- only give veggies like frozen green beans or baby carrots.

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