I had an bully named Merlin who had cherry eye...first one popped out I had that one tacked back down..the Optomologist recommended tacking down the other one even though it had not popped out...should have listened to her...about 2 months later the other popped out...had that one repaired and they never popped out again. I have found with bulldogs it's always best to see a specialist and inquire about their experience with bully breeds..

My Merlin also had a torn cruciate - which was repaired by an Orthopedic surgeon - she was wonderful. I interviewed 5 Ortho Specialists before settling on her to do my boy's surgery...

While your Bacon is still young I would take him to an Orthopedic specialist to see what the issue is and what your options are...skip the regular vet and go right to the Specialist..you could also try and contact a Chiropractor...my boy saw one of those as well when he hurt his back..

I never had any issue's with Merlin cruciate surgery..he had the traditional repair and healed without incident...

Unfortunately the Oncologist I took him to at Tufts could not help with his Lymphoma - so I lost my precious boy on 3/12/10..and I lost his brother Sparticus to the same thing on 3/10/07..

Good luck with your boy.