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Thread: Pup isn't even home yet, and already has cherry eye

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    Default Re: Pup isn't even home yet, and already has cherry eye

    I know I am late, as usual. This sounds like you had a "bully angel" who sent you to another breeder. If your first breeder cared at all about anything BUT the money, they would certainly have insisted on giving you your deposit back! I feel sorry for his animals, who seem to be used as moneymakers-not really loved. One never knows with any animal-what "disasters" they will come up with(I have had my share, over the years-my old vet used to say "uh-oh, what new strange case have you come up with now?!") but if something developed after receiving a deposit,being an injury-or whatever,, I always gave a deposit return,if buyer did not want the animal! With a breeder like THAT ONE--who knows what problems are in the genetics of his stock-which he may have continued to breed just for the money!! Some people will breed any animal just for the $...... Just my opinion. Happy you could see this pup in person, and it feels right. We wish we could save them all.

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    Default Re: Pup isn't even home yet, and already has cherry eye

    Hello and good day,
    Again late to the party. But then I get to read what everyone else has posted. Lots of good discussion.

    About Cherry Eye; yes it is a rather common issue but is should not be considered a major medical issue. Cherry can be effectively fixed and the dog will lead a long happy life. Cherry eye can be massaged back in place when the puppy is young and if the problem can be managed until the dog gets older, the problem will go away due to the muscles getting stronger at holding everything in place. This is rather on the low side of effectiveness, but certainly it is worth a try at first to see if it can be managed before doing surgery. In the event the increase of pop-out continues, then getting the problem fixed is the only option. There are two main ways of fixing the problem. Both are a type of surgery. The first is the typical surgery. This can be either removal or tacking. In some cases dry eyes are a problem and will require drops. The other new method is laser surgery. The complications are far less, the surgery is less evasive and the results are better, quicker healing time and far less chance of dry eye condition.

    As for the breeder, well...I think enough has been said about THAT least here.

    Good Day~

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