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@Lisabear123 Check with health food stores. I have seen it in high-end pet stores too. Just be sure you get the product for pets. There is also a Rescue Remedy for humans.

I have a friend who shows Chinese crested dogs. Because her little Einstein was hyper in the ring, she decided to try 1/2 of a low-dose Benadryl before she showed him one morning. I don't think his little feet touched the ground that day. On his down and back, he leaped about 4 feet straight up in the air. He then leaped all the way back to the judge. This is a very professional handler. She was so embarrassed as everyone exploded with laughter, including the judge. She looked over at me (I was her assistant at the time), shook her head and laughed, and asked me to come get him as she got ready to show another dog. About 3 hours later, after little Einstein was safe in his jammies in his crate, I looked in on him and found him wide awake and wild eyed--a little twitchy--but ready to take on the world!

When I teach about how medication affects people differently, I ALWAYS use little Einstein as an example. I could give Benadryl to my dogs and get the desired effect of drowsiness or when I needed an antihistamine (like after the copperhead bite), but like some kids, little Einstein reacted differently.
lol little Einstein sounds like a handful! Thank you for the info and the wonderful story!