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Thread: Hyperkeratosis of her nose

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    Default Re: Hyperkeratosis of her nose

    I'm with @BruceP - I use Aquaphor on Linus' nose and it works great!

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    Default Re: Hyperkeratosis of her nose

    Quote Originally Posted by Sherry View Post
    After applying the softener for about three days, it becomes nice and soft and easy to remove, I just use my thumb nail and then apply a nice coating of the vaseline or snot soother . They don't like it much either, but they do like the nice soft smooth nose afterwards
    I think this is what the vet had in mind. I have started using the balm that he recommended and use a warm moist wash cloth like @desertskybulldogs recommended about an hour later. Her nose is softening up and starting to look healthy. Just another reason to hide when she sees me coming. I really wish Bill would take on some of this so I'm not the only bad guy. I can hear it now--"but you're a nurse!"

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