The moment I realized it might not be Remi's leg that has been bothering him... the words "You've got to be kidding me," were said aloud.

Some/most of you might remember the emergency vet visits I've had with Remi involving his leg. One animal hospital visit, one vet visit, both said there was nothing wrong with his leg. I've seen him limp, but I'm convinced at this point it was nothing but a pulled muscle at the time.

Almost 2 weeks of strict crate/thunder shirt rest has begged to differ.

I noticed that Remi's allergies started flaring up more than usual. He constantly does this:

  • Sits down real fast
  • Does a little bit of the boot scoot
  • Lifts his leg
  • On rare occasions yelps in pain
  • Licks his feet
  • Shakes his head
  • Rolls around on his back

Long story short, I've been noticing over the last few days that he is scratching his ear and shaking his head a lot. Red flags started going off. Husband said he's fine, but I said a big F U and took him to the vet anyway. (I do appreciate him grounding me, because I CAN be as hypochondriac, but it's a mother's instinct)

Some of these are allergy related; some of these are ear infection related.

  • Sits down real fast (EAR INFECTION)
  • Does a little bit of the boot scoot (EAR INFECTION)
  • Lifts his leg (EAR INFECTION)
  • On rare occasions yelps in pain (EAR INFECTION)
  • Licks his feet/legs (allergies)
  • Shakes his head (EAR INFECTION)
  • Rolls around on his back (EAR INFECTION)

That one act of licking his feet and raising his leg due totally threw me threw a loop. This whole time Remi has had an ear infection. WTF!!!! I think it's because bullies can't quite reach their ears and scratch, so it just looks like they are doing a crazy dance. Him lifting his leg I thought it was hurting him!! The head shaking finally set me off. Luckily he has a mild ear infection because I'm all over him like white on rice. I have to give him medicine for 12 days and have to wash his ears once a week from now on. (I don't even wash my OWN ears! hahah)

I should have known better. I clean his tailpocket, his eyeballs, and his wrinkles, but apparently a cu-tip in the ears isn't enough for some bullies. I now have a special wash for him.

Just a heads up to anyone else who could possibly be like WTF IS WRONG WITH MY BABY??!