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DEFINITELY interested; thanks so much Sherry! Have you seen any improvements?

oh my yes, Jack is going to be 9 and he is so bowlegged but with the help of this supplement hes more active then when he was 7. Dolly used to be so gimpy and the one vet wanted me to get a brace made for her leg costing in the thousands . I remebered how I used to limp before I started my suplements and knew this would be the truth telling behind all the what if's. I take the human grade of course, but you get my drift.
The "miricals" continue today as far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't give them anything else for joints. some kibbles do have it in their recipe, but a higher dose is neccessary to control the joints of a bulldog. Mind you I'm just a bulldog owner, not a vet, but what do they know any how? If we do our research as passionaltely we should we eventually conqure and hopefully cure.