Hi, I can't imagine how she would be able to lick her eye, that's amazing. Lol. I don't have any experience with my guys licking their sutures after their spay and neuter surgeries. They didn't have a cone, and never touched their surgical areas.
I was going to suggest the same thing as frannygirl, to try using a soft cone, they are available at Petsmart or PetValu and are much more comfortable than the hard cones. I would be worried about the muzzle though because for a number of reasons, she could still rub her eye on the muzzle and since they are hard it could scratch her more, or it could be dangerous for her breathing since bullies have breathing difficulties already and the muzzle might make it more difficult to breath or could cause her to pant or overheat more. Plus it would be very hard to fit a muzzle on a bully because most are designed to fit over a snout and they have flat noses and faces. I was considering a soft muzzle for Blossom last summer because she loves to eat cigarette butts and they are toxic, and of course they are everywhere. I looked at some pet stores but couldn't find one that fit her face, and I asked my vet about it because I was worried about the butts being poisonous and making her sick. My vet didn't recommend putting a muzzle on a bully because of the breathing issues.