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How often do you give it to them, IE: how long does a bottle last. I'm seeing it online that says 192 doses. We are considering starting Amy on something very soon. Warding off arthritis is the number two thing (number one is keeping her trim) we are going for when it comes to trying to avoid hip surgery if it is possible. And of course HRH would have to get some too.

I give my crew one dose a day on their food. with an eye dropper, like I said I use the horse formula since I have so many I get about 6 months out of a 32 oz bottle. 8 drops per dog, once a day. Mine weigh between 50 and 100 lbs. it doesn't have a taste and I keep it refrigerated
I'm not sure what the dose is for the dog formula, my vet ok'd me giving the horse strength. and it's ok if you miss a day since it takes a while to get into the joints a missed dose is fine .
You would do well using the dog formula