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Thread: Struvite Crystals

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    Default Re: Struvite Crystals

    @Twice.... @RiiSi

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    Default Re: Struvite Crystals

    I can't give any better advice than what is in dogaware. This following is from that article of Stuvite stones...

    "Struvite crystals do not require a change in diet. Because struvite crystals do not pose a problem unless the dog has a urinary tract infection, there is no required treatment for crystals, including dietary changes. If the dog does have a urinary tract infection, a prescription dog food will not cure it.
    If your veterinarian finds struvite crystals in the urine and suggests a diet change , you'd be well advised to find a new vet. You have to wonder how many other things he or she is misinformed about. It isn't just a case of not keeping up with newer research; this recommendation is just plain wrong."

    I know how hard it is to go against your vets recommendations, but sometimes you just have to, to do what's best for your bully.
    Been there and still am.
    I pm you the link straight to the right page.

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    Default Re: Struvite Crystals

    Thanks Risi! At the time she did have a UTI but finished the antibiotic today. I have a few cans of the food left and will feed it to her but other than that, I'm not gonna fool with any special food. I had seen that previously but was hesitant to stop the diet.

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