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Thread: In the heat of the summer curiosities

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    Default In the heat of the summer curiosities

    I'm soon going to be adopting an english bulldog, and Im getting the dog room set up. I live in Iowa, and I have the feeling its going to be a very hot summer here.

    The EB that I'm adopting is three years old and from what the rescue has told me does have some breathing issues. I have a standing fan in the dog room already to help keep the room cool. My home does have central air. I also have a very small window air cooling unit that I am considering putting in the dog room to help keep the new bully cool.

    Would the window unit be overkill, or is the extra measure a good idea?? I'm very careful with my current dog to make sure that he doesn't appear to be too warm during high temperatures. He is a larger mixed breed though and doesn't have the air issues that my coming bully has.

    Thanks for any opinions or adivce

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    [COLOR="rgb(153, 50, 204)"]I think you'll get an understanding of your bullie's needs once you get him/her home. They are sensitive to cold too, so you're right you don't want it to be overkill Our rescue dog room has a window AC and ceiling fan but that's because the Central AC just doesn't keep it cool enough in there. I'd have the window unit ready and just play it by ear. I have an 11 year old who needs it a little cooler than my 7 year old. So we keep it set to her comfort [/COLOR]

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    I suppose it would depend on what you keep your central air at, but yes Champ is right, you can always turn it on if your bullie is still too hot and panting.

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    i echo what champ and bulldog said. i'd have the window ac ready and play it by ear. they're sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures.

    you can also look into cooling vests, cooling dog beds, etc and cold treats. my dogs love frosty paws, although i rarely let them have those (they're full of junk! ) they also really love it when i get treats (bacon, veggies, whatever) and put it in a bucket of water and freeze it then dump it out for them to lick to get at the treats.

    i live in a very humid part of the south and i hear you on the hot weather issues. the humidity also makes breathing an issue here. when i let them out during the heat of the day to go potty, i always make sure they have fresh, cold water outside and i only leave them outside for a maximum of 10 minutes before bringing them back in.

    good luck.

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