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Thread: Outdoor Temps for walking Bulldogs ........

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    Default Outdoor Temps for walking Bulldogs ........

    This will be my first Fall/Winter with Maximus here in the Northeast.

    What's the temperature range for taking him outside ? How low of a temp can they tolerate outdoors ....?

    What do you guys do this time of year ? (those that live in cold climates, LOL).

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    Default Re: Outdoor Temps for walking Bulldogs ........

    I'm in Fl so i'm of no help lol. But my Georgia who is the only when we've had in the winter has to wear a sweater when it gets to 50, I even had to get her some booties because the ground was cold lol.

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    Default Re: Outdoor Temps for walking Bulldogs ........

    im in texas and during the summer we only walked 10 mins at nite... im wondering the same thing since we dont have seasons here lol. guess im gonna just watch and see how he takes the cold ground, we might have to get some booties, or just tape old socks on him lol.... we def are gonna get him a pull over from lous, its been 50's at nite and i cant get him to come inside i have to make him!!! we have been leaving the windows open at nite and when i wake up i always feel his body to see if hes cold and so far 50s havent bothered him... and im sure it all depends on the dog, not all dogs can take the same thing. we got a lab thats used to swimming in 30 degree weather....

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