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Thread: Advice on Seaflex.....

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    Default Advice on Seaflex.....

    Hi everyone,

    Can someone please advise on this product: Seaflex for dogs

    I have been giving this product to my bully's for a couple of months and their coats feel amazing and they love the taste. Great for joint health too. Our Bruno has had luxating patella surgery and hip replacement surgery (all on the one side) so we wanted to put him on some sort of joint strengthening program. Gidget is made of tougher stuff, more preventative for her.

    I'm on a mission to rid their tear stains. I have read here that chicken can cause water eyes so I will eliminate all raw chicken from their diet. The only thing is one of the ingredients in seaflex is chicken! I should add, my bully's don't have any yeasty symptoms. They're not itchy at all, they just have watery eyes.

    Like all of us on here, we want our babies to flourish. I've just purchased 3 months worth of this seaflex for my kids. It's not cheap either. $35.00 for 30 sticks - each baby gets almost 3/4 of a stick per day. I'm interested to hear feedback from the experts.

    To add to all of this, Bruno started to limp on the weekend. We took him straight to the vet. He's on anti-inflammatory's for 4 days, rest and we'll review and x-ray if necessary. He seemed to improve on Sunday but it's concerning nonetheless. The surgeon who did his hip replacement did say that the other hip needed to be replaced as well. We decided to leave it and if Bruno presented with problems, we'd get it done. To be honest, it's very hard to tell which leg/hip is causing him problems as it seems to switch. I'm waffling now but I can't tell and neither could the vet. I'm just praying that it's not the left side which is where all the surgery has occurred.

    Love to hear from anyone re the seaflex question though.

    Also, I would like to say what a great bunch of people are on here. I love reading everyone's posts/pics/questions. My partner thinks I'm mad because I come home telling him all this factual stuff I read. Let's face it, we're all just a tiny bit obsessed! hahahah

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    Default Re: Advice on Seaflex.....

    Haven't heard of SeaFlex, will research it and yep, yep, yep...we totally get
    being obcessed w/bullies and EBN...we all are, so glad to have another convert
    join us...Welcome to being 'that crazy bulldog lady'.

    It's a source of pride here.

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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    I haven't heard of this either. We use Grizzly Salmon oil which sounds as if it has similar health benefits and doesn't cost as much as what you are using!!

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