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Thread: More skin problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ann Farley Hamilton View Post
    I swear by the Listerine but it has to be the original type the good old yellow one. If mine get sores which I have only had on one when I first got him from the rescue I soak their feet in it. If it is for reg. cleaning which it mostly is, I put it in a spray bottle and spray their feet and then wipe them down in between toes and under between pads. Works great in the winter after coming in from outside because it kills bacteria so it stops things for us before they start. Also I do bath them every other week now unless there is a problem I use tea tree shampoo or oatmeal shampoo. I will bath every 4/5 days if they start to break out or itch, Blossom who is 6 and came here on 9/19 was as itchy as I have ever seen so she gets a bath right now every 4/5 days to help. Just finishing switching her food over to Nature's Instinct Variety grain-free Rabbit formula chose this because it has no potato in it and very highly rated here and on other dog food rating web sites. She is itching less after only 4 days of starting the switch. Also she had only had 2 baths in 6 years so her skin was very dry and felt like a wire brush. Well you'll get great ideas here from everyone but remember if you really think they need to see a vet take them don't wait your gut is usually right. I have been there and my vet has worked out me paying in a week or so no credit involved, I am sure yours could work something out. Good luck with your bully.
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    They little spots on her skin and belly can be from allergies but could also be from a bacterial infection, especially is the dog is shedding badly. She may need a course of Keflex to clear it up. Also, when you bathe her, rinse well and when you think you've rinsed well enough, rinse 5 minutes more.
    The bumps on her feet are called interdigital cysts...unfortunately a bulldog "thing". You could culture the lesions and spend lots of money for long term antibiotics and end up with a yeasty dog with interdigital cysts. We treat ours with Stridex pads followed by an application of hemorrhoid cream. The origin of the IDC is under the paw pad, not the blister part you see on top of the foot. So it's important that you wipe the area on the bottom of the paw pad with the Stridex as well and also be sure to apply hemorrhoid cream tot his area as well.
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    Wow! Thank you all so much for all your help!!! We did change her dogfood about 4 days ago. The lady at petco also said to change it slowly. A call is going into the vet either today or tomorrow. I will keep everyone updated! Thanks again!!! Your help is very much appreciated!!

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