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Thread: Goldie goes back to the vet's today...

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    Default Goldie goes back to the vet's today...

    just for a recheck on her pneuomonia and to have her stitches removed from her belly after eating the tennis ball. She's been doing so great at home. She's eating well, playing, active, just a big cuddle bug. However, last night, Sebastian and Oliver got into a little tiff over who got to be closer to me, broke that up, then Remy decided he was going to get involved which then got Goldie and Remy in a little tiff. My poor husband had to lift Remy up off the floor by his collar just to get him away from Goldie, she was that determined. Put the dogs in their crates for a time out and the rest of the night was uneventful. This morning I hear Goldie coughing in her crate (de ja vue to the day I rushed her in and found out she had pneumonia) she coughed for about an hour before she finally settled down and went back to sleep. She's been sleeping ever since and isn't interested in her breakfast. Glad she's going to see the vet later today. If it's not one thing, it's another. I do know she hasn't eaten anything she shouldn't since her surgery. She is closely monitored while out of her crate and she isn't allowed to have toys in her crate with her. She's the type of bully who once a toy is starting to break into pieces, she will eat the pieces, unlike my boys who spit the pieces out and continue to destroy the toy so that is why she is not allowed anything in her crate but her blankets (which she doesn't eat).
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    Glad she's going back to the vet today, just to be on the safe side with that coughing.

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    Default Re: Goldie goes back to the vet's today...

    Let us know how it goes.
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