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Thread: Vet Visit Help

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    Default Vet Visit Help

    We are taking Gunny (10 weeks) EB to his vet visit today and want to know about wether or not to get the Bordatella .

    We take our OEB Cammie (21 weeks) to dog parks for bully meet ups. We want to do same w/Gunny. Also we eventually want to put them in those kennels when we go on long trips or an event for a day!

    Our breeder told us not to get the Bordatella due to health issues of EB's. Our vet told us to get it just in case when we took Cammie in.

    What should we do for Gunny!

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    Default Re: Vet Visit Help

    I'm in the same boat and will eventually have Blue get the Bordatella vaccine. But, my breeder and vet both said to get the shot version.

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    Default Re: Vet Visit Help

    I would get it since you go to public places. Make sure you get the injection and NOT the nasal version. Duchess had it in her round of puppy shots and had no issues. The nasal version can cause issues.

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    Default Re: Vet Visit Help

    Yes, I would get it but only the shot version. Plus, I would not take your pup to any public place with other dogs, until he is at least 6 months of age, due to Parvo. That is a recommendation from our vet. Plus I would be very, very careful where you board your baby. There have been several in the Houston area die because the stupid people working at the kennel let them out to play and they died of heat stroke. You being in Florida will have the same heat problem. I DO NOT kennel my bullies. They either go with us or we get a pet/house sitter.
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