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Thread: wearing a cone

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    When our Spike got neutered he turned in to a wild man. He ripped his stitches open 4x. We tried 4 kinds of cones to keep him from licking his stitches open. 4x he managed to do so. He even ran head first in to the grass/wall and cracked 3 cones. Tried the blow up kinds no luck. Tried t-shirts, and taping shirt closed and him with a tensor band and a maxi pad and everything. Nightmare. Constant supervision, 4 trips to the vet to be restitched and 30 days later he was finally healed. We ended up finding out the original owners had vasectomied him, they wanted to show him and then surrendered him back to the breeder after divorce.

    He had and issue with anaesthetic, antibiotics, etc... he still has issues peeing. (no steady stream just squirts) Poor guy. I hope your experience /vet is better. Needless to say we are in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and are searching for a new bully friendly vet. I will mention he is very high maintenance, he was a rescue and needs lots of love and attention. Vet needs to be well versed in feeding raw. Recommendations welcome....

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    sarah just got spayed last year but she did not wear a cone and she did not even try to do anything. she did however jump on the couch the next day after when she wasnt supposed to . grrr.

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