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Rosie came to us from the rescue with a bad case of cherry eye. We did a bunch of research, opted for the tuck and tack surgery, and it came back within weeks. Since then, we've opted for benign neglect, but reading about everyone's experiences here we may consider getting it removed - we really did not want to leave her with chronic dry-eye, but if that's not a big probability, then maybe it'll be best. Rosie's is so big and bad that no amount of massaging helps anymore; she's almost 3 years old, and it doesn't seem to bother her (probably bothers us a lot more!).
I always suggest ppl talk with vets and make their own decisions buttttttt yes removal for us turned out beautifully her eyes look gorgeous they actually are a little runny lately (food allergies) but there was no recovery for her what so ever, no ointments, no pills

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