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Thread: Vomiting

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    Default Re: Vomiting

    oh im so glad she passed it and will start feeling better now. whew.

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    Default Re: Vomiting

    One piece of advice from a friend: If there are strings coming out during a #2, don't pull it out, but cut it with scissors. Pulling the string could tighten a knot around an intestine or something. I would let them pass naturally.

    Remi vomits every other day, always clear. He can sometimes overwork himself and drink too much water in one sitting, and vomit a few times over a day or two. I only get nervous if it contains food particles. I called the vet once, but he told me to give it more time, and it was totally improved the next day.

    (Remi has water access at all times except during the night and when he's in the crate during the day for a few hours here and there. When he was a wee little puppy, we couldn't put water in the crate because he would just knock it over. So, when we took him out every 2 hours, we would offer him water then. Over time he no longer wanted any water at all, always snubbed it, so I'm fairly certain he's not suffering in the slightest. I would definitely just feel your dog out on that one)

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