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Thread: Daily vomiting

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    Thanks ... I feed him before bed some small snacks so i think that is not the peoblem as talking for ivecmedin , that might be the problem as he is on the liquid form and we gradually upped the dose to 1ml , it got worse so i took him to vet and he sugested me to switch the liquid into injectables once a week ... His demodex is getting much better but. Just hope he doesnt vomit . We will see how it is going to be after tomorrow as he is going to get a shot tomorrow so il update yall in coupledays

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    Default Re: Daily vomiting

    Well I was going to say acid reflux which sounds like what you described but not so much the bile I think. Cutty had it for a bit years back and he would regurgitate his food randomly but not throw up the bile. But they can get sick and 1 time throwing up bile certainly isn't extreme either. Now you say you had X-rays and nothing in his tummy BUT would something as basic as paper towel show up in an X-ray? I am not sure but I think maybe not? Cutty ate a paper towel, has been known to eat undwear, baby wipes, tissues etc. I didn't know he ate the paper towel but he startd randomly spitting up his food. A couple days later he threw up bile and then finally threw up what I am sure was a paper towel. Not chewed up in small pieces but a whole, long and rolled up paper towel. maybe something like this?

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