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Thread: Sprain Or A Torn CCL??

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    Default Sprain Or A Torn CCL??

    Last Saturday night we noticed that Lily wouldnít get up.
    She was on the bed and just would not move. I tried to pick her up to see if she could stand or walk and she let out a horrible cry.
    So we quickly rushed her over to the ER vet.
    The vet said he suspected she may have torn her CCL on her left back leg.
    He gave us some pain meds and said to follow up with a veterinary surgeon.
    But the strange thing was that by Sunday night she was fine.
    She acted like nothing was wrong. But I wasnít sure if that was just the meds working.

    First thing Monday morning we took her to our vet.
    Now he said that he did not feel any indication that she torn her CCL.
    He thought it might just be a sprain. Keep her on the med and limit her movement.
    And she was fine. And then on Friday night I noticed she was limping on the right back leg now.
    So Saturday morning we go back to the vet again.
    He looks her over and said it was either a sprain now in the other leg possible caused from putting so much pressure on that leg because of the other leg.
    Or she could have cranial cruciate ligament disease.
    He really doesnít know at this point.
    We have to bring her back again on Monday to see what he says.
    She hasnít gotten any better this time. She doesnít seem to be in any pain.
    But she is still limping and walking on her toes with that leg. And when she does stand she throws that leg out a bit and stands on her toes.
    I donít know what to do. I donít know whatís wrong. She looks so sad sometimes because she canít be the way she used to be.

    Does anyone have experience with a sprain leg?
    How long could this last if that is indeed what it is?
    Should I get a second opinion??

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    Default Re: Sprain Or A Torn CCL??

    It sounds like a second opinion or some pictures (x ray, mri, cat scan) might be needed here. I'm wondering if taping or some other kind of support for the legs might help them heal. I'd ask if it's not improved by the time you go back to your vet. A university with a vet school migh have the special knowledge needed if no one else in your neck of the woods does.

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    Default Re: Sprain Or A Torn CCL??

    Were any xrays or mri done? I would be getting a second opinion for sure... seems they should be able to give more than a guess if they get some pictures of the leg.
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