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Thread: Why does she smell :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocosmammy123 View Post
    She has the lamb and rice grain free. ? X
    maybe try her in one of the others.....or there are the Turkey and veg, and the Lamb and veg..they're the ones in the green bags. x

    For the yeast..try getting some hibiscrub from Amazon...mix it 1 capful to 5 caps if water, and use it to wash in all her folds and crevices, between her toes too...then dry before putting on a little Canestan cream or athletes foot cream xx
    if she needs a wash inbetween use huggies pure baby wipes, dry then apply the cream again. If that doesnt help the vet might give you some anti fungal meds.

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    My pup came to us eating Nutros Puppy. He loved the food, but always smelled "doggy". He was the first larger breed dog we had ever had in the house, so I kind of thought this was how it was supposed to be. I was spending every weekend cleaning him, his bedding, his toys, my house...etc. Within 2-3 days the smell would return.... Then I found EBN! Yah!!! And learned that food can make the difference. We switched to Fromms Grain-free and within a few weeks he didn't smell anymore! He can go weeks now without a bath, just daily wipe downs and still doesn't get smelly, so I can attest - Food will make a BIG difference! I hope you find the best food for you baby as easily as we did.

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