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Thread: I need to talk...

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    Thank you all so much! I intellectually know I did all I could. The heart is a different matter. The autopsy did help us, though I initially said no. My vet really wanted to know. What we found was that there was absolutely nothing we could have done. I did have him cremated, and bought a beautiful pottery urn. I also found a memorial statue for him, an angel bulldog. What I learned is to be more insistent with the vet. The second visit was not our regular vet, who is a bulldog expert. I knew when we left that I felt uneasy. I should have insisted on more diagnostics right then. I will in the future always trust my gut .-imageuploadedbytapatalk1351178442-139499-jpg

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    Oh my....the Statue is lovely xxx

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    So sorry for your loss, and like others have said don't blame yourself. You were with him and he knew you loved him and he did not pass alone. I love the statue also. You will see him again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.
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