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Thread: Grade 5 heart murmur in a 16 week old baby

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    Default Re: Grade 5 heart murmur in a 16 week old baby

    You have a kind heart. I'm glad you two found each other. Please let us know if you need anything.
    "I am normally not a praying man, but if you really are up there, please save me Superman!'' - Homer J. Simpson

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    Default Re: Grade 5 heart murmur in a 16 week old baby

    Quote Originally Posted by Quesenberry96 View Post
    Thank you for the info. I am a cardiac nurse and can tell you all you would like to know about human murmur and congestive heart failure treaments for humans. I am just unsure about the k-9 world. I have found information that leads me to believe that the medications run parallel for both humans and dogs. He has a rapid heart rate and continuous panting. He coughs with exertion but does not become cyanotic. I believe he has some fluid retention as well with a bit of belly distention. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the vet can give me any glimmer of hope for him. Even after the echo today if surgery is not an option I am hoping that medication can give him a good quality of life however long that may be. I will do all I can to avoid putting him down as long as he is not in any distress, pain or suffering.
    The atenelol that my boys are on is for humans as well. I've been told to watch for signs of fatigue, coughing, and belly distention (means fluid is backing up from the pulmonary artery) which as a cardiac nurse you already know. Like I said, mine are asymptomatic at this point. Keeping fingers crossed that your new little guy will be able to enjoy life for as long as possible. That is the same attitude I have about mine. They are happy little puppies right now and I want them to stay that way for as long as possible.

    Please continue to keep me posted on your baby!
    Kim, Lord Sebastian, Sir Oliver, Remy Le Beau, and Gracie Lou <3

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