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    Default health guarantee!

    Hi, I'm not sure either I should post it here or not, if posting in wrong place, feel free to move or delete.
    Actually, I want to adopt a bulldog but someone told me about the health guarantee.
    Can you update me about puppy's health guarantee?

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    Default Re: health guarantee!

    Most reputable breeders will give you a health guarantee if adopting a puppy. When adopting from rescues there are no health guarantees. Not all rescues have health issues and some that do are issues that can be cured with good food and proper care. Others will be by with more advice for you as well.
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    Default Re: health guarantee!

    @ChanelnBrutus pretty much covered it.
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    Default Re: health guarantee!


    caveat emptor

    And this is why EBN is a great place to learn.

    Too bad, and very sad that more breeders do not give a health guarantee.

    Rescue groups can't and don't know the history.

    Good Day~

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    Default Re: health guarantee!

    Usually the guarantees aren't worth too much. I mean, if there is a congenital issue in the first year, a good breeder will honor it. But that usually means returning the puppy, whom you have already bonded with. This is one of the reasons that finding a reputable breeder is so important if you are choosing a puppy. You will get a healthier puppy (in most cases) with fewer issues.

    I feel you can be a little more aware of existing issues with a rescue only because they were probably treated by the rescue while in their care. There will still be a possibility of unknown issues however. JMO.

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