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Thread: Any advice for interdigital cysts?

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    Default Re: Any advice for interdigital cysts?

    @bulliemommi I love this stuff. The other day the cyst looked a little irritated, small red spots. I put this stuff on and the redness went away almost immediately. It's helped so much, the cyst is still a little puffy, and probably looks bigger because there is no hair on it

    Herman had been scratching his ear, all along I thought it was inside the ear, but today I saw there is some sore right in front of it - plus from scratching he managed to scratch the inside of his ear as well. I immediately put this stuff on it, the bleeding inside his ear stopped right away and looks like whatever the sore is on the outside has started healing, or at least looks less irritated.

    The gel is thicker and stays in place pretty good.

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    Default Re: Any advice for interdigital cysts?

    I treated an interdigital cyst with Chlorhexidine. Mal-A-Ket has some great products that aid/prevent fungus/yeast that grows between the paws, wrinkles & ears. I always have the shampoo, ear flush & wipes on hand and use the wipes regularly, even if there is no problem...but as a preventative. I think they work much better then baby wipes because they dry quickly. I used the wipes on the cyst twice a day. I also started giving some plain yogurt daily. You can put it in a kong, or on top of their food. Teaspoon for a puppy, Tablespoon for an adult. Since your dog is on antibiotics, I would do a tablespoon. Cysts, paw licking, ect are all a sign of yeast. The yogurt helps keep yeast under control...or at least that's the theory and I have good results with it.

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