Yikes! Sounds like your Miss Charlotte does NOT like getting her ears cleaned.

Neither of mine love it, but I have to do it every to my one bully, Linus because he is prone to chronic ear infections. He is an 81 pound dog and I developed a way to clear his ears, even if he objects.

First, he ALWAYS gets a goody afterward. One of the great things about bulldogs, if they know there's a treat in it for them somewhere, they become instantly more willing!

Now, this might sound weird but I get my cleaning solution in hand, along with a baby wipe and come up behind Linus and sort of straddle him (not sitting - standing!) and gently squeeze him between my legs. He really can't go forward or backward now so I pet him and tell him good boy, then I gently (but firmly) grasp the ear, squeeze in the solution, massage gently at the outer base of the ear, then allow him to shake his head. I then wipe the outer ear down with a wipe and repeat on the other side. The trick is using your legs to gently keep your bully in place so you have two free hands to work on the ears. It also avoids a physical confrontation with your bully.

I have also used a Q-Tip on Linus' ear when he has a lot of build up but, if you do this, be sure to use the swab on the outer ear ONLY and only when you're sure you've gotten Miss Charlotte to the point she won't jerk her head and hurt herself by accident.

I hope that helps!