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Thread: MITES !!!

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    Also, if you pup is a girl, be aware that if she hits heat, it may come back or flare up if she still has a bit. My vet wouldn't spay Gypsy at 6 months because the surgery can also lower the immune system and cause the mites to take over again. She is mite free now (and so they will spay her now) but I am always watching because all dogs have these mites and if they flare up again, we have to be ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazzy220 View Post
    I think you need to boost her immune system too. The way I understand it is that all dogs have mites, but when they are put under stress or their immune system is weakened then the mites "take over". I would look at fish oil, probiotic yogurt, .... in fact google foods that boost the immune system and although you will come up with loads of results for humans. Most of those can be given to a bully too as a "topping" to their regular food!

    Yes, there are other thread that others have talked about mites and demodectic;

    "Demodectic mange (also known as red mange, follicular mange, or puppy mange) is a skin disease, generally of young dogs, caused by the mite,Demodex canis. It may surprise you to know that demodectic mites of various species live on the bodies of virtually every adult dog and most human beings, without causing any harm or irritation. These small (0.25 mm) mites that look like microscopic alligators live inside of the hair follicles (i.e., the pore within the skin through which the hair shaft comes through), hence the name follicular mange. In humans, the mites usually are found in the skin, eyelids, and the creases of the nose"

    Along with meds, there are shampoos that at very effective. I also found a great product that is a super skin product. No, I don't sell it, but PM me for the name and details.


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