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Thread: Still concerned about Gator Ray

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    Default Re: Still concerned about Gator Ray

    @GatorRay Hopes, prayers, and positive thoughts sent your way!

    I have only heard great things about OSU's program, may well be worth the drive!
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    Default Re: Still concerned about Gator Ray

    I called and got his pain meds refilled this morning so that should help until we can get in tomorrow. I tried to get him in this afternoon but that particular ortho is out on Thursdays (but works weekends!) so no go on that. Just want to keep him comfy until we get in with him tomorrow morning. I put a heating pad on him before his leg massage last night for about 10 minutes on the medium setting and that seemed to help a little. Some of the research I did last night said that it can help.

    My list of questions are:

    prednisone/steroid treatment is pretty common for this particular condition (short term) combined with 6 weeks crate rest, and a pain med (like rymadyl) combined with Gabapentin (did my research on that too lol). Then slowly wean off of the pred and rymadyl and continue the gabapentin. I want to know his thoughts on this. The breeder suggested the prednisone and it was also recommended by the Sire's owners and I also found information supporting this for conditions like his as a common treatment.

    Do we need a neurologist/spine specialist at this point since it is not an actual ortho problem? If so, recommendations? I found OSU and another neurologist in Akron. Ohio isn't that far so I am up for a drive if necessary. Found another great clinic in Maryland but that is pretty far for any long term solution.

    Anyone else have suggestions on things to ask?

    I found that there ARE treatment options out there that can be tried. I also saw some info that scared me so sometimes online research is BAD lol. But I will advocate for him and we will do what we can.

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    Default Re: Still concerned about Gator Ray

    continuing to pray for Gator, I am glad there are some improvements.. that is a step in the right direction!

    Eagerly and Nervously awaiting the homecoming of Bruno Cannoli

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