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Kazzy is Bella's always out or does it still go back in?
Bella's cherry eye is always out .... she was an owner surrender and we've only been fostering her for about 4 weeks. At her vet check, the vet said it had been out for a long time. Luckily there are no ulcers but the eye itself is scratched because of the dryness of the eye. When we got her it just was oozing green pus, and so we got meds for that and used it in conjunction with these eye drops that the vet commented on ... he said they were one of the best you could get off the shelf.

We thought we had it under control and so stopped the ointment and she has been great for about a week, but I just got home from work now and it was very slightly green and gooey again so I'll have to put her back on the ointment maybe and possibly go to the vet to pick up more of it. Was hoping we had it beat!!