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Thread: Yeasty paw pads???

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    ok sarah has has yeast issues for 3 years and only now are going away. things i have learned are that i believe that allergies are key in this. be it food or environmental if you do not remove the allergy then i dont think the yeast will go. also if you are feeding a food that your dogs are allergic to then you will get yeast and the fact that the ear is affected makes me think that food is involved. get your dog allergy tested. sarah has yeast on her paws tp ears on and off and back for 3 years till i got her tested and removed the food she was allergic to and the leaves with the mold she is allergic to. now she is almost yeast free. also yeast feed on 2 things. sugar and moisture. you can use any antifungal otc stuff for this. you know the stuff for jock itch and athletes feet. also lady yeast stuff will work clotrimazole. i have found that for sarah tolnaftate worked the best. i now use malaket wipes and have malaket shampoo that i soak her feet in 2 times a week but in your case id do it more. you can use apple cidar vinegar and water but that did not work for sarah but dont mean it wont for your dogs. i have also found lotrimin powder to be a wonder. its fights the yeast and keep the area dry which is what you want. you can use the malaket wipes in the ear also. i wipe the ear then squeeze the pad to get the liquid down into the ear canal. i dont have to take sarah to the vet anymore for it since ive started doing that. you have to hit this hard. you can give your dog a probiotic that people use. you need to boost the dogs immune system. fish oil can help also and green tea. if you are feeding food or treats with lots of carbs and sugar then i would find something else. gosh i hope all this makes sense and is helpful. i wish you good luck as i know how you feel.

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    Hills Z/D has a main ingredient of potatoes along with potato starch listed as a secondary ingredient. To get rid of the yeast you need to get rid of all those potatoes, the yeast is thriving on it!

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