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Thread: Summer Months

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    Dog Park Attendant Become a 4 Paw Member Danielle's Avatar
    Quincy, Florida, United States
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    I'm on the FL/GA border in an old old house. (The bathroom was put in about 50 years after it was build lol!!) Needless to say, no central air but I have window units in the bedrooms, hall by the stairs and the living room. Downstairs stays amazingly cool but the upstairs gets horribly hot without the a/c. Herschel has his own room... door shut during the day (I'm in there too a lot on the computer/knitting etc) and it stays about 74/75. Works well!

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    Bulldog Vet in Training Lauren31287's Avatar
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    Thanks for the advice everyone! So far the house has stayed at about 75/76 with just fans on. I have one blowing right on Winston and then one in the window sucking the hot air out. He also has a window unit in his room for when it starts to get a lot hotter and we can shut the door in there. He went in his kiddie pool for the first time this weekend, he loved it!

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