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Thread: Add on Interdigital Cysts to Audrey's Long List of Issues...

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    Default Re: Add on Interdigital Cysts to Audrey's Long List of Issues...

    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
    i agree. I give both my dogs Probiotics daily - The one's I use are Vetri Probiotic Chews which they both enjoy. They seem t be the best ones out there for dogs.
    And I agree, the benefits are definitely worth the effort.
    Thanks for the tip. I want to switch when I am done with the ones I got, reading that the refrigerated ones may be worthless on dogs due to their tummy temperature? I will look into this one. I was also looking at PSCPets IntelliFlora too. Audrey, I think I asked this in another post, but have you tried pumpkin?

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    Default Re: Add on Interdigital Cysts to Audrey's Long List of Issues...

    Yes we tried pumpkin, rice, and oatmeal as well as plain pasta. None helped HEr stools are mushy now (they look formed until you go to pick them up, then thy are squishy). But that is better then the shooting diarrhea we had before. Backing off the immodium again to see what happens.

    On a positive note, her cyst is getting smaller! Yay! Thank god SOMETHING is getting better!

    Negative side, her 'good eye' (the one without the corneal scarring) looked very red and swollen today. She has entropion, so her eyes are always atleast a little red but her good eye was swollen shut today. FML! It's always something!!! I about had a stroke because I thought she was starting to pop a cherry eye. *cries* but crisis averted (for now). I put some eye gel for dogs in her eye and it looked mmarkedly better in a few hours.
    Bully Love From,
    Giuli, Matt, Audrey Hepbull, and Copernicus Darwin(Papillon)

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