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ahhhh, well by pedicures I mean just trim the nails while they are soft. Jack is 8 years old and so bowlegged it's painful for him to make it around the block any more. his nails get longer then the others. I give him glucosemine and chondroutin. Even so, he's not the same pup. the only hard surface we have is if we go for walks. They have a fenced in yard that's all grass.
Griz and Peggy really need to lose weight !
Do you give any specific vitamins that aren't in the food? And is she satisfied with the meal you set before her.
These guys get 2 cups of kibble a day. And they are very food motivated and always seem hungry.
thanks for all your info
i see why you cut the nails,yes annie is very satisfied,she gets a pound a day ,i also give emu oil and have seen a big difference in her overall health,bulldogs can be very greedy dogs,i feed annie once a day ,karen