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Thread: George and smoke allergy

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    Default George and smoke allergy

    Afternoon Everyone,
    George is eleven months and I have sought out much information on here with his food allergies and we have been squared away since December. Well I noticed, when we go home to visit family, George always ends up with watery eyes, itching, and terribly swollen and red food pads. I usally end up giving him benedryl. The last time we were home was a month ago. Also, George is crate trained but when we stay down home, he is tempermental and refuses to stay in his crate, he actually won't even sleep at all when we are down there.
    When we come home the watery eyes and itching settle right down.
    Recenetly we started letting George play in our basement if I am down there doing laundry and he loves it because it is remodeled and all open. We do not usually go down there becauase it is the same carpet from when we bought it 1.5n years ago and it bothers my asthma because the previous owners smoked in the basement. The other day after doing laundry, I noticed the same paw swelling and redness that I notice when we go home. Coincidence maybe, but I took George tot he vet and she said without doing an allergy test she would bet it is an allergy to smoke. Which would all make sense because the house we stay at down home used to be used for smoking and now the owners smoke outside but it is in their clothes, hair, on their skin, in the carpet, and curtains. Even thought they wuit smoking int he house a year ago, when we leave, the dog and all of clothes smell of smoke.
    Now the moral predicament, we are supposed to go down home tomorrow...what do we do. I saw do not ever take the dog in the house and if they want to pet him they have to wash their hands real good to get the chemicals off and they cannot hold him because of the chemicals in their clothing? My husband thinks give George allegra and he will be fine. Yes, he may not itch as much with Zyrtec but really it still is harmful, and as far as a I know the Zyrtec is for molds, mildews, and pollens. I do not want to expose him to an allergen and continually weaken his immune system and run the risk of him getting skin infections for digging or upper respiratory infections, or even worse pneumonia.
    I do not have children, George is my child, he goes everywhere with me and does everything with me; what would you all do?

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    Default Re: George and smoke allergy

    I dont know much about allergies. I have a 9month old and he some type of allergy I belive. I was told to try to do allergy test at about 12 months. In your case it seems that the smoke could be the problem but there could also be other things as well! I know there is other medicine that you can give that wont be harmful like Benadryl and some others but I cannot seem to remember which ones! But I def say to do the allergy test (they say to wait till 1yr b/c things may change and its more accurate) I could be wrong! Im sure others will be by very shortley to help you out and give you lots of advice. Good Luck with everything and keep us updated!
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    Default Re: George and smoke allergy

    Zyrtec is used...and maybe a gas mask??

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    Default Re: George and smoke allergy

    @Kristin If the benedryl does not help.... go with the Zyrtec, we used it before should not be any issues. I do not know about the Allegra - ask your vet.
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