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Thread: non-kibble healthy treats

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    Default Re: non-kibble healthy treats

    Since Stig despises anything but meat and cheese, his only treats are cheese and dehydrated lung/liver. Punkin will eat anything and usually get whatever fruit I'm eating (except grapes!), cheese, any plain vegetables I've cut up (except onions!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ollieivy View Post
    not at all unpopular....thanks so much for your honesty!! i asked the question because i wanted an answer. they very rarely get any of this stuff, btw. so, you would say no to all the stuff on my list?
    I don't use any food treats for my dogs except for their kibble and ice cubes (I feed kibble which is notoriously low on moisture content, so I always try to encourage them to have lots of water and since my dogs love to chomp on ice cubes, it's perfect!). I only use food-treats when I'm training. But, that's my own principle. I look at the purpose of food treats and just don't find any good enough reason to use them when I can give them similar enjoyment and stimulation out of non-food treats. Make sense? But, of course, you choose to do what you feel is best for your dog.
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