Me again! Lucy has distichiasis (inward eyelashes). Our specialist suggested the similar surgery that corrects entropian--the hotz procedure. He felt changing the lid direction would give Lucy the best chance and keeping her eyes free of abrasions from the lashes. Lucy also has dry eye. That can also cause the "haze" or corneal scarring. That is helped with eye drops. It is great that you are going to a specialist. They will really be able to give you a better diagnosis and point you in the right direction.

In the meantime you can use rewetting drops. My opthamologist suggests we use the product called BLINK. You can buy it in a regular drug store. Apply the drops a few times a day and hopefully it will give your pup some relief. It is a temporary fix but may help until you get to the specialist. It certainly cant cause any harm.

We haven't moved on to doing anything else with the lashes. You can see them but as long as they are not scratching her eye we are leaving them alone. My eye doc told me that many dogs can live with distichiasis and also entropian--it is when they start to irritate the eye is when it is best to take action.

You may get lucky and as @Libra926 mentioned your vet may just pull a few lashes out and see if your pup gets any relief. I pull lashes out of my Lucy--but don't suggest that you do it. My doc helped me and taught me the correct motion to use and my girl sits really well as I "operate".

Thankfully Lucy had her eye surgery to correct her lid direction well over two years ago and she is doing great. Aside from eyedrops twice a day and we do visit the specialist for checkups--she is doing really well.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck.